Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat Marketing Benefits

Snapchat is an online application that is compatible with both iOS & Android devices. Previously the basic concept of this app was to share video, picture, or…

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Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID - 19

Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID – 19

It’s an obvious fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lifestyle. The equivalent is valid for the businesses also. In spite of the fact that…

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Improve CTR By Using Ad Extensions

Google Ads provides many features to improve the performance of ads and one of them is Google Ad Extensions. Use of extensions  increases the Click-through rate (CTR)…

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Ways to Improve Website Rankings

Ways to Improve Website Rankings

Every year, we come across a question i.e What are the best SEO strategies that will work this year? Or Ways to improve website rankings in 2020?.…

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2020 Content Marketing Trends

Every year comes with some new trends in content marketing according to which businesses need to tweak their current strategies. Practising the latest content marketing trends will…

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What PPC demands in this current year

What PPC demands in 2019?

Last year, we have seen many changes at Google side. Adwords rebranded its Google ads, its interface and the launch of other new features. This year, also,…

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Social Media Stories 3

Social Media Stories

Everyone loves to hear a good story. The art of listening to stories has been  deep-rooted and instilled in us since our childhood. Stories are momentary slideshows made…

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Next generation Seo 1300x866

Next Generation SEO

The world has now become digital. Traditional marketing is less effective and outdated nowadays. We can see devices like mobile, laptop and tablet in almost everyone’s hand.…

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Potential of voice search 1300x866

Potential of Voice Search

In this era of digital marketing, voice search is on the rise. Who knew that even voice could be recognized by technology. Perhaps, voice recognition technology allows…

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Personalization in digital marketing 1300x866

Personalization in Digital Marketing

What actually is personalization? It’s an act of producing or designing something to meet individual requirements. But in Digital marketing, personalization is all about helping an audience…

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