Paid Search Campaign Management Support Services for Agencies

Search engine marketing Pay per Click or also known as Paid Search is the quickest and the most cost-effective way to get your website to the top of the search results. Not only it is the most cost-effective method but also it provides the accountability, which you miss with traditional marketing channels. Thereby, we can clearly set the goals for ROI & can manage the spend with fixed Return on Investment.

Pay per click for google and bing

We manage PPC campaigns of the end clients of our agency clients. We augment our staff under search engine marketing agencies. Generally, there are two parts of the campaign management:

  1. Execution. &
  2. Analysis and Optimization.

Our Digital Marketing Experts are Google Ads certified and they are constantly acquiring knowledge and are keeping-up with ever changing Google Ads functionalities and best practices.

In a Google or Bing Campaign Execution – following major tasks we perform for our agency clients –

Executing a PPC Search campaign​

We perform the following tasks to execute a PPC search campaign in Google:

Competitor Research

What – Identify Competition, Evaluate Competitor’s Ads, Use the information to produce the strategy
How do we perform – We find client’s competitors who are advertising on Google Ads using VPN, Spyfu, SEMrush etc, We specifically look for – how much traffic they are getting, and what is their ad budget.​
How do we use – The gathered information is used to create the strategy i.e. What products to promote, which creatives to use etc.​

Establish Geo-targeting Strategy

What –Geographic targeting, also known as geo targeting, allows us to target locations where we want to place our ads based on zip codes, countries, and a specific radius from a location.
How do we perform –We restrict the campaigns to specific geography criteria via Google Ads.
How do we use –We create location specific campaign, Ad groups and KEYWORDs by using location targeting. We can also add a Location Extension in the ad copy.

Building Campaign Structure

What –In Google Ads, a campaign consists of one or more Ad Groups. An Ad Group is a group of keywords that are targeted for a set of related keywords. This allows us to group related keywords and produce Ad Groups around a common Theme/product/service/offer/location/promotion etc. Each Ad Group also has Ad Copies and their respective landing pages.
How do we perform – We review the client website to better understand the services and/or products. We collect 5-10 ‘Seed’ keywords to perform Keyword research using keyword planner and with client interview we better understand the nuances of their business.

How do we use – Keyword research and better understanding of the client’s business allows us to build the structure for campaigns; ad groups & ad copies are also derived from the research work.

Keyword Research

What –Showing Ads to potential customers require to choose the right keyword list for an Ad Group. The chosen list must have all the keywords that matches the terms a potential customer might use to search for the products or services.
How do we perform –We find more Keywords through various Seed keywords or/and website products names with the help of Keyword Planner & SEMrush.
How do we use –We add these Keywords to the relevant Ad Group of the campaign.

Audience Building

What – Audience building allows to target specific personas whom we want to show our Ads. We analyze each area like Search/Display/YouTube/Gmail Ads for Audience targeting for both Retargeting & Prospecting (prospecting other than the Search Ads).
How do we perform – We analyze similar demographic data and interests of the prime customer base. Then, we target audiences that show interest in competitors.
How do we use –We can select specific audience for specific Ad Groups to laser focus to prospects who might buy products/services.

Creating and Applying Audiences

What –Creating audiences for Search/Display/YouTube/Gmail Ads for both Retargeting & Prospecting campaigns to increase the reach.
How do we perform –We plan Keyword list based on the Products &/or Services, add product relevant URLs and create customer Audience list.
How do we use –We add custom audience and remarketing audience to target the prospects for specific campaigns of Ad Groups.

Ad Copy Building for specific ad groups

What –Ad Copy gets displayed when a searcher is looking for something; when we bid on keywords then the ad copy will appear. In another words, ad copy is our first impression & win prospect’s interest.
How do we perform –We analyze client’s products/services/promotions/benefits etc. & then create ad copies to high-light the important attributes & promotions in the verbiage
How do we use – We add multiple ad copies to an Ad Group; We check the quality score & the performance of the ad copies. Then, we take the best performing ad copy to run more ads.

Dynamic Search Ads Building

What – Google runs Dynamic Search Ads using website content to target relevant search queries. It is a Google’s organic web crawling technology. Google will generate a “headline” which is relevant to search query
How do we perform – We analyze the website and define the categories for products/services. Then, we build separate campaigns & ad groups in Google Ads.
How do we use – Along with other campaign structure we utilize this; to bid on the keywords to get augmented conversions

Placement Strategy Building

What – Placements can be a Website, Video, and Mobile apps where our ads will appear. These locations are part of the Google Display Network.
How do we perform – We create a list of websites, videos and Mobile apps where our relevant audience are visiting and apply this list in the placements section on Google Ads.
How do we use – We use managed placements to assign a unique bid to a specific webpage where customers spend time & exclude irrelevant placements from the list.

Ad Extension Building

What – Use of relevant Ad extensions in the ads helps to get more CTR. Ad extensions typically include location, telephone numbers, links from your website & seller reviews.
How do we perform – We create different types of ad extensions such as site link, location etc. based on the ad content or offering in the ads.
How do we use – We add the extension in the ads so that we can provide more details about our services and can improve the performance of the ads.

Bid Strategy Building

What – Ads offers different types of bidding. Depending on what we want to track from our ads like clicks, impressions, conversions, or views, we can select the bid strategy.
How do we perform – We determine a bid strategy based on goals that we want to achieve for a particular campaign for example ROAS % or Maximize Conversions or Maximize Clicks etc.
How do we use – We analyze the bid strategy results, then implement the campaign budget according to result and try different strategy if the previous one is not getting good results or try to adjust CPA or ROAS targets.

Promotion Strategy Execution

What – Identifying client’s promotion & other marketing strategies to use in the marketing campaign.
How do we perform – We highlight the promotions in the ad copies, use the relevant ad extensions, create promotion display ads and also use them in remarketing campaign.
How do we use – We analyze the audience’s reaction on the promotion or special deals after we showcase specific promotion to a group of audiences. Then, we make the required changes to the ads.

Youtube Creative Building

What – Identifying audience, their likes & wants, to consume.
How do we perform – Based on the audience analysis and the services client offers, we select videos for the ads.
How do we use – We use these videos in our ad copies.

Youtube Targeting Strategy

What – Creating audiences for Search/Display/Youtube/Gmail Ads for both Retargeting & Prospecting campaigns to increase the reach of the campaign.
How do we perform – Finding Keywords & URL relevant to our services, and creating customer’s list.
How do we use – We use these keywords & URLs to create custom and remarketing audiences to target the folks.

Analyze & Optimize the Google Ads campaigns
We perform following common tasks to further Analyze & Optimize the Google Ads campaigns:
Search Ads Analysis

What – Analyzing the Google search ads for their performance. Search advertising is a marketing technique that places online advertisements in search engine results.
How do we perform – Analysis of search ads on the basis of various attributes like CTR, CPC, Conversions etc. and finding out the best combination.
How do we use – After the analysis, we take good performing ads and apply it’s attributes to non-performing ads.

Placement Analysis

What – In Google Display Network, placements are the locations where your ads appear. These placements can be a website, a specific page of a website, mobile apps, video content etc.
How do we perform – We download the placement data from the Google Ads account, open each website and check the relevancy with the client’s domain. Further, we reject the placements which are either suspicious or irrelevant.
How do we use – We add the relevant placement URLs to our campaign to display our placement ads.

Search Query Analysis

What – Analysis of Search Queries; which users are searching. We download this data from Google Ads.
How do we perform – We analyze search terms list and find their relevancy with the client’s products/services.
How do we use – After analyzing the search term list, we add the relevant search queries to our keyword list. And, make them exact or phrase matchtype to improve the quality score & get better position in least cost

Audience Analysis

What – Analysis of the applied audiences – what is performing & what is not.
How do we perform – We look at the type of audiences like remarketing/custom/combined, evaluate ad performance of the Audiences using impressions, clicks, and conversions and look at the locations.
How do we use – We can use audience performance to create similar audiences and to make adjustments according to the performance.

Display Ads Analysis

What – Analysis of Display ads; finding which images are performing well. It is basically performed for Brand Awareness.
How do we perform – We evaluate ad performance of the Images using impressions, clicks, and conversions values.
How do we use – We understand what the key points of the creative are, What compels users to click on the ads and then create similar creative to run more ads.

Shopping Campaign Analysis

What – Analysis of different Product group’s page, Products page, Dimensions page, Auction insights report & Bid simulators, and Search queries.
How do we perform – We analyze the Search Queries that a product listing ads appear for.
How do we use – We use Search Queries in Titles of Shopping Ads. It improves CTR which will raise the quality score and conversions.

Merchant Center

What – Merchant center is a place where we add product listing to run the ads through Google Ads.
How do we perform – Every week, we check the listing and make sure that it should not have any disapproval.
How do we use – If there is any ad which is disapproved, we can make changes in the product information and can resubmit for approval.

Google Recommendations Analysis

What – Google Ads provide automatic recommendations that help to get more out of their Ads campaigns.
How do we perform – We check recommendations page on a daily basis, analyze them according to the account relevancy and apply if they are correct.
How do we use – Google Ads look at account’s performance history, campaign settings, and trends across Google to automatically generate recommendations that help improve ad performance.

Quality Score Analysis

What – Analyzing the relevancy of both keywords and PPC Ads.
How do we perform – We look at the relevancy of keywords, ads and landing pages according to the users’ search queries.
How do we use – We analyze quality scores, determine cost per click (CPC) and modify ad copies to improve ad rank.

Youtube Creative Analysis

What – Analysis of YouTube ads; finding which videos are performing well. It is basically performed for Brand Awareness.
How do we perform – We evaluate ad performance of the videos using impressions, clicks and conversions and viewing through conversions.
How do we use – Qualitatively look for attributes which are unique about best performing ads & utilize them to improve other video ads

Ad Extension Analysis

What – Analysis of various ad extensions such as site link, callout, call, promotion etc.
How do we perform – We evaluate ad performance on the Extensions by using impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROAS.
How do we use – We can identify which Ad Extensions are working for a particular ad. We can then use them in similar ad copies. Ad extensions also improve quality scores.

Ad Copy Analysis

What – Analysis of the applied ad copies in the account.
How do we perform – We analyze CTR, Conversions, quality score, ad rank, headlines & description, relevancy of Keywords and Ad Copy of a particular Ad Group.
How do we use – We utilize headlines or description that is working and then use good performing text in the other ads.

Promotion Strategy Discussion/Analysis

What – Analysis of clients’ website and finding if they are still running the seasonal offers etc.
How do we perform – We analyze how people are reacting to the promotion by looking at promotional text in the ad copies or in the ad extensions.
How do we use – We create future promotional ads following the top performing ads theme.