2020 Content Marketing Trends

2020 Content Marketing Trends

Every year comes with some new trends in content marketing according to which businesses need to tweak their current strategies. Practising the latest content marketing trends will help in creating engaging and effective content for business.

Here are some content marketing trends for 2020!

1. Video Content Marketing

Today, consumers don’t like to read as much as they like to watch, they like to see the video content about brands. For example, a business about Gym equipment, has a video showing bodybuilders using equipment; or people who are using the gym equipment having a  good looking body. This video will attract the consumers because they can view and feel as supposed to read & then feel. Apart from that, the fast pace of life does not give the luxury to read. Time is the essence and given everyone is busy they tend to view videos rather than read.  . Recently, platforms like TikTok & Youtube have made video and live-streaming very popular. Video does extremely well on Facebook and Instagram Live streaming also.

2. User Generated Content

Recent studies show that 85% of consumers get influenced by UGC. Social platforms like Instagram & Facebook are popular and are in demand. UGC posts are very engaging and require less resource and time to be generated. Encourage or incentivise customers to produce social media content & share product/service experience.

3. Voice Search Optimization

Alexa and Siri have now become part of our daily life. Voice search devices are growing at a rapid rate in the global market. 70% of voice searches are made in natural or conversational language. While generating content for voice search optimization, make sure to include a lot of question words like when, what, how, when, why. Also, people use long sentences in voice search. So, include long-tail keywords to make it more voice search-friendly.Create blogs and add frequently-asked questions section on the product pages with the use of conversational language. The use of robotic languages will not rank our pages in Voice search as conversational is a primary characteristic of a voice search query.

4. Use of Filters and Lenses

People love to use Augmented Reality filters like having flower crowns on their head, puppy dog nose on themselves etc. Different platforms provide different filters and they are large in numbers. Snapchat is the platform which allows us to create our own brand filters & lenses. Using AR filters creates content for brands and promotes the company product/service on social channels. Such posts get more viewers than general brand posts.

5. One-On-One Conversation

Personal communication with audiences will help in understanding their needs and it will help in generating relevant content for them. Conversation marketing involves 24×7 live customer support, chatbots, Facebook messenger marketing etc. This will help to keep brands ahead of their competitors’ as and know potential customers personally.

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