What PPC demands in 2019?

What PPC demands in 2019?

Last year, we have seen many changes at Google side. Adwords rebranded its Google ads, its interface and the launch of other new features.

This year, also, it is important to understand how the environment will change so that we can maintain high ROAS of our campaign.


To gain the benefits of Google PPC automation, we should generate campaigns in a manner that help the algorithms to favour our work. This includes the use of proper keywords, exceptional ad copy, specific audience and accurate conversion tracking.

Doing it wrong will give you surprising and often expensive results. It is advisable to start with implementations and to monitor the results. Find out what is working and test a similar setup. And regarding automated bidding, start with conservative bids and then slowly increase the bid according to the collected data.

PPC automation options can save your a lot of time and money but every suggestion is not helpful for your business. PPC automation works best with human oversight on it.


PPC advertising has always given preference to the keyword. But, keywords don’t say much about a user’s intent or the target audience. This concludes that SEO agencies were wasting their ad spend targeting phrases that don’t align with the audience’s intent. Here comes the use of Paid search audience targeting. With this audience targeting, your ads will show up to the right people. The best part is your ads will appear when users are actively searching for what you’re selling/offering.


Perform mobile optimizations first for your PPC campaigns. Many times users encounter bad interface, landing pages taking much time to load etc. which makes the user switch on other websites.

Advertisers must have mobile-friendly websites, fast-loading landing pages, purchase processes that target the smartphone experience. To get the traffic from mobile devices it is important to know how ads work on mobile devices and drive sales traffic.

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