Improve CTR By Using Ad Extensions

Improve CTR By Using Ad Extensions

Google Ads provides many features to improve the performance of ads and one of them is Google Ad Extensions. Use of extensions  increases the Click-through rate (CTR) of a company’s ads. These allow advertisers to add additional links for offers, locations, phone numbers etc.

Below are some of the PPC Ad Extensions which improve the sales –

Lead Form Extensions

This extension is the new launch of Google Ads. It shows a form below the search ad to gather the user’s information. So, when users search for a company or its products, these extensions capture the user information by allowing them to enter their contact information like name, Email, Phone number etc. in the form, thereby replacing the need of redirecting them to the landing page.

Structured Snippet Extension

Snippet Extension highlights the specific aspects of the business services or products. Use of this extension allows the variety of products or services being offered by a business  to be shown. The category of business is defined by the Header and various features of the business are listed in it, e.g., Services: Oil change, Battery Repair, Brake repair.

Here, “Services” is the header and Oil change, Battery Repair, Brake repair are the features of the services.

Location Extensions

Location extensions are more popular among local business advertisers. Displaying the address of a shop, restaurant, garage etc. helps to drive foot traffic. It also allows us to add location maps and makes it easier to find business locations. Users who search for local business are the potential customers and 60% of them end up visiting the business.

Brands having retail chains can use affiliate location extensions.

Call Extensions

Call extensions are used to add phone numbers in PPC ads.This allows users to tap or click on the call button to directly have communication with the businesses. This extension drives a good number of leads for lawyers, brokers, car dealers, tutors etc.
Here are separate Call extensions for mobile & desktop. In the desktop ad, users have to copy the phone number and call, whereas in the mobile ad, the button automatically connects them with the advertiser/service provider.

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions are used to add more links in the Google ads. These extensions take people to the specific pages they are interested in. For example, if someone is looking to order a pizza online by looking at an ad that redirects him/her to the landing page having the complete products catalog, it could lead to losing that conversion.

So, to get those potential customers, add deep links to popular products and pages across your website, thereby making it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Sitelinks do wonders in improving the CTRs.

Callout Extensions

Callout Extensions allow advertisers to promote unique offers and discounts to the shoppers. These highlight the main features of business like 1-day delivery, 24X7 Support, Holiday Sale etc. Using these extensions clearly tells the users what offers are there for them, thereby making them at least visit the website.
These also help to differentiate your business from that of competitors. 

App Extensions

App extensions allow to link business mobile Apps within the ads and to entice prospects to download them. Using these is a great way to promote business apps and track conversions. Displaying ratings & the number of people who’ve submitted ratings makes these more authentic. It will also ensure that the users are interested in products/services of a particular brand and they are going to use those further. 

Now, it’s your turn to use Google Ad Extensions to improve the CTR.

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