Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID – 19

Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID – 19

It’s an obvious fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed our lifestyle. The equivalent is valid for the businesses also. In spite of the fact that things appear to be unsure at this moment and are hard to foresee, it is important to know what are the Digital marketing trends during COVID – 19 to make the adjustments in advertising strategies that will address our clients’ needs.

Here are some Digital Marketing Strategies to follow in COVID-19 Crisis –


Discover how you could start and build your online presence. Make sure your customers can find you. Business websites should be properly optimized like minimum site loading speed, use of required keywords in the content, etc. 

Also create landing pages that can improve the sales, like highlight the offer, properly place the CTA, clearly mention what action you want users to take while landing on the page.


You need to ensure you get your business listed on Google. Since the beginning of this pandemic, organizations have found face-to-face store visits dropped by 90%. So to keep your sales going, list your business on GMB and update business hours, address, any posts, or photos as well as customer reviews. Provide as much information you can provide to your customers.

Google is adding more ways for businesses to highlight how they’re catering to changing customer needs and behaviors as a result of COVID-19, with new options for listings on your Google My Business profile related to pick-up options, updated service offerings, and more.


Online marketing is almost more prominent now than ever. Being active on Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc provides an opportunity to be in touch with your customers and quickly resolve their queries. Being dynamic on these channels builds a level of trust among your customers. Also, these channels help businesses to build their brand online and reach potential customers.

Similarly, Google Trends will also help to find major trends. The Trending Searches page demonstrates what subjects are moving at this moment, the top and rising topics or terms which can be useful to get the idea of how individuals around the globe are searching. This information can be used to plan the strategies for the PPC campaigns in COVID -19.


When you are trying to get new customers it is important to nurture the business’s existing customers. Serve ads with offers solely focused on existing customers. Bring them back using display marketing ads. You’re probably going to see more
conversions on those return visits.

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