Case Study – Paid Social Media Marketing

The Client:

  • A major Digital Marketing Agency based out of Costa Mesa, CA, USA
  • The agency provides Paid Social Media marketing services to some of the major fashion clothing & body building products related clients; along with Google/Bing PPC services

The Objective:

Create, manage, and optimize facebook, Instagram, & SnapChat campaigns to sell products and increase  the ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

Approach & Execution:

  • Reviewed Fashion clothing client website, their products,  the niche market – the client was focusing on early teen audience; & also researched competitors & their digital marketing strategy
  • Identified Audiences i.e. demographic and psychographic profile, not only focused on teenage audience but also their parents specifically their moms
  • GEO targeted each campaign & utilized existing customer email list to find look-a-like audience & created specific custom audience for re-targeting e.g. if a custom bought a product in last 60 days then re-target them. Also, produced custom audiences via other websites which are selling similar products & analyzing the Google Analytics data
  • Produced ideas for promotional offers & creative formats to optimize the ad copies. And, produce the ad copy content with emojis & prominent attributes i.e. urgency – limited stock, promotional price, & highlighted the quality of the product. And, implemented FB & Snamp pixel to track consumer behavior
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  • Within a week – end client started seeing a lift in sales; initially the ROAS was 200% then it further went to 300+%
  • Also, recommended to apply the key learning of the consumer behavior and audience from Google/Bing PPC campaigns to Social media paid campaigns

Client Appreciation & Testimonial:

“G2C Partners are the best paid social media marketing professionals When I started working with them within a month into the partnership I was genuinely impressed by their knowledge and professionalism. We have seen a significant time-savings & great improvement in our end client’s paid Social campaign ROI. Its impressive & I highly recommend them”

  – Venessa, Account Head – Leapfrog – A major Digital Marketing Agency in the USA