Case Study – Google PPC Mgmt Services

The Client:

  • Mass Media Digital Marketing Agency based out of Toronto Canada
  • The agency provides services to some of the major real estate clients from Toronto vicinity for luxury properties

The Objective:

  • Objective was to utilize $15,000 per month Google PPC budget to find buyers for the luxury properties in 3 major locations of Toronto suburbs

Approach & Execution:

  • Reviewed luxury property client’s website & business to better understand the target audience & geography; researched competitors & their digital marketing strategy
  • Executed Keyword research & focused on niche keywords which a consumer will search the luxury properties with; & focused on geo-targeted keywords
  • Identified Audiences i.e. demographic and psychographic profile, high income & past interest of luxury goods
  • Created GEO specific campaigns since the budget needed to be controlled at location level; created brand & generic keywords ad groups for each sub-location area. Avoided very generic Keywords; focused only on location+luxury real estate related keywords
  • Utilized existing customer email list to find look-a-like audience & also produced custom audiences. Created ad copies which were luxury estate specific. Used Site Extensions and Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • To learn more, how we approach and execute the PPC campaigns – Click Here  -> PPC Services


  • Within a week – end client started getting leads. When we started the cost per lead was at $55/Lead that further went down to $23/Lead after audience & Keyword/bid optimization
  • Also, recommended Bing PPC and Paid social media campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn

Client Appreciation & Testimonial:

“Great communication and processes – they were able to proactively take care most of the research, execution, & optimization. Nice to have them as our partner. Am using them for other work for sure..

  – Lindsay Smith, CEO Mass Media Digital Marketing Agency